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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last day of March.

Yes. Today is 31 March, the last day of March.
I have my 1 weeks school holiday in March. During the school holiday, I went to Education fair with Ms.Yean and Ms.Yan .Hehe :)  
Moreover, few day in March are Chuck day. Maybe it is not a special day for you and other but for me it is! Because we have lots of laughs on that day, Haha! I like her ;P

And then,tomorrow is April fool! HAHA Who will get fool tomorrow from VVIP? Take care guys! Hohoho =O
My Big day is coming soon!Hehee I'm ready for it. Huh? Any present :P
AhCai Jiang, JiaWei, Milo Mei, Evonne, CuiWen, VoonXin, SinYee, Ruby Jie, my bro and I also birthday on April! OhhMyGodSun! So many friends birthday on April! 

 Thanks for BOOM 10,000 visits! Peace Yeah! ^_^

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мч маи


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