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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fly Away

Almost two months I didn't update my blog.
Well.. I have nothing to share or you can think that I'm "low key" Haha!

Recently, My classmates get their P driving license! Wohoo! Congratulation to them!Thursday, after the license in their hands, we are almost want to fly up! Damn excited! So we plan and plan the schedule for next day, Friday!

Friday, early in the morning, the two drivers come to my house because they have no car on that day, so, use my car to "fly"! Haha! 9 o'clock. After they are get ready, we go to fetched other friends stay Pandan Mewah. The car is full of seat yeah!

First, we go Cheras ate Dim Sum for our breakfast. HK Chu Chiong Fun, Xiu Mai, Fish Mai, Prawn mai, Prawn gao, Egg Tart and more.Yummy! Next station, Mid Valley. When we reached there, there are almost full of parking area! Searching untill tired and dizzy, so we give up.  Need to discuss again where to go. Sunway? 1U? Leisure Mall? Pavilion? Finally, 1U has been selected! Weeeeeee

Change driver for the next station! Haha!
We are successfully reached 1U. A lot of parking area yea!
_____________________________Shopping Shopping and Shopping!
3 something o'clock.We go back from 1U to Cheras and have lunch at Gobi cafe, Lembah Maju. Eat again! Heheeee

Unbelievable that first time driving can go 1U from our house! Bravo!
Unbelievable that all only 17 years old in the car even the two important dearest drivers! Bravo! Had a damn nice day with the guys!

Next time "FLY" is coming very soon! HAHA

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