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Thursday, November 11, 2010


I think Tuesday is my last day go to school! Yup.Holiday is started!
But that was a big big busy holiday I have :(  Cause I need to earn many many Money on this holiday! I am POOR!

Not like some Rich people..They are no need to work but can get whatever they want..Ya, I am so jealous why I'm not the Rich one..
But on my mind..I know! When I'm spend the money I earn I can feel it how hard I earn it and that will make me get the sense of achievement! HAHA
And one more..that is better than take the Money from your Daddy and Mummy :)

Okay,That's my little wreak..I'm gonna go to sleep now and continue my busy holiday!
Fighting Yuki Chong!

Jae with my hand-writing 3-D word ! :D

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мч маи


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